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Well it all started when I was at a very young age. I could remember my parents gave me the book of "Erich von Däniken" The Gods Were Astronauts. I remember as a child I got very intrested on those acient civilizations, I was looking mostly at the pictures at that age in the book and wonder how that must have been, the experiences that they had.

Later I hade a children encyclopedia and I think that one I really turned this over more then 1000 times reading every article and watching the photo's. This is all pre-internet so books where the only things you had.

My first sighting (80's)

I think I had my first sighting in the 80's where my parents had a caravan on a camping. I remember that as a child we were always watching the skies at night. The skies where always beautiful to watch because you had no polution from lights from any nearest city. That was something different then the place we lived. There at this place lots of city light polution and lots of aircraft traffic because we were on route of Rotterdam Airport. So we knew what planes were and also what sattelites are, we could see them at those clear evening skies. You could even see the Nebula's from the Milky Way that was beautiful to watch. At one evening I was there alone on my way to my friends. I stopped riding my bike because I noticed a very bright white light, It must have been 300/400 meters above me. The object was so bright of pure white color that it was hard to watch with your eyes. When I recall the images even at my age now, I could not detect any form because of this bright light. The strange thing was that it was flying really slow, almost like it was slow motion, you could not hear any noise like I was used of an airplane, and there was this continues bright white light, no blinking/strobe lights like a plane has. I was intrigued of this phenomena. While the object glide slow along me, I stepped on my bike to drive as fast as I could to the end of the camping. From there I could see the object slowly disapear and could see the bright light trough the trees. Until this day at my current age this was something special to me, the video of that moment is printed in my head and will never go away, if I had any thought it would be a plane, I would directly have forgotten this situation now at the age of 49.

Second sighting (+/- 1995)

My Second sighting must have been in the year around 1995 in the month of October if I ask my parents back about this situation. I recently discussed everything with them and also this was a very strange phenomena we noticed. I must have been around the age of 26 yrs when we had a birthday party for the family. Me, my father and mother had to go by car and we were driving on the highway. My father behind the wheel, me beside my father and my mother in de back of the car. When we were driving on the highway and we came near Rotterdam we noticed some strange object, silver in color, and from the side it first had a cigar shape. I could see the side of the object, and where we first thought it were windows these ports were, where the lights are situated. After a while we tracked the object while driving over the highway it suddenly banked/tilted sideways and we now could see a perfect saucer shape. Because it banked/tilted to its right side, we could see the ring around the craft much better, all I must say amber/orange lights. When it tilted further you could see under it and there it also had one light in the middle, must have been amber/orange.

Still my father driving and we are tracking this object and looking outside while on this highway the object suddenly disappeared from its right position and we could not see it again. Then my mother because she was sitting in the back, shouted that it now was on the left side. While me moved away from the object and looking aside, I pulled myself a bit more to the front of the dashboard and could perfectly see the object, saucer shape. My mother now further and further away from the object still saw this, until we were to far away to see it anymore.

The next day

Because my mother found it a very strange sighting she had contacted the local police office. There she first excussed herself to the officer on the phone, that she had a strange question and certainly did not have any drink. She explained the situation what happened the day before, and asked the police officer if they had any other calls from people having this strange sighting. She asked if there was a situation there at the highway near Rotterdam, helicopter, Zepelin, or any air traffic. The police officer told my mother he would call back. As promissed the police officer called my mother back and looked into the call archive, nobody had called or saw strange behaviour on the highway and there was no air traffic at the time we have seen this strange saucer kind of object. Until today this is also a film in my mind, not only with me, but als with my mother and father, we all saw this object, in broad daylight, silver, orange lights, ring around the craft with lights, the perfect saucer like you know them from the books.

Lucid dreams / no explanation for this

I had a strange lucid dream and I can not even remember when this happened, the year. I was inside a very bright white room, laying on a table. A few individuals where watching me with these big black eyes. We now call them Grey's, but then I guess I did not know a name. I noticed while I was on this table other individuals came trough the very bright white room I was in. The individuals(Grey) where watching me and I looked into these eyes. It was like they were communicating but not with spoken word, the words must have been printed in my mind. After a while one of these Grey's had a device in his hands, and he put this device near my nose, I must have had a black-out because that was a very scarry moment when that happend.

The next part

I can not perfectly tell this was the continue of what I first experienced or another lucid dream. I remember I must have been in the same I call it ship. I remember that I was standing in-front of a very wide big sort of planetary console where you could see the universe. I noticed a sort of screen/monitor on the left side of me, high on the wall. One of those individuals showed me lots of stuff about my life, when I was younger, older and lots of things that happened. It was very strange and it was really like looking in a mirror or projection of yourself. I can not explain it otherwise. Very strange situation.

Well I can write many different other encounts of strange lucid dreams, lots of dream where I can fly, dreams where again I am in somekind of militairy hospital, also I must have been wounded and they were rushing we me trough the hallways, An invidual figure woman was walking at feet side of the bed. I only could see the ceiling and my feet and this woman. The woman was wearing black sunglasses. I found that strange, because who is wearing sunglasses in a hospital. After a while still rushing with this bed she took of the glasses, she had long reddish hair and strange eyes, very dark, and I could only for some reason guess in my mind I had the feeling I knew her, until today I can't remember this individual, only the movie inside my head.

Paranormal experiences

Pretty scared for this in my youth, I try to shut off myself for this, I guess I had seen to much and heard stuff at night and when I couldn't sleep. Seen strange things, from individuals, lights, footsteps on the carpet, etc. When my son was born and he is now already 18yrs, but in his baby time, I remember one time step inside his room, the door was closed. I opened the door and there was this strange white I call it mist aside his bed. When my brains started to understand what I was seeing it was already vanished. Very strange activity. I also heard voices not from people walking outside, or had colds everywhere, that is somekind of reaction when I have lots of chills I know something might happen. Lots of ORB sightings currently until today in our house, I record them on different camera's. No dust, no lens flare, no lights from outside, just like the UFO subject very strange things.


Meditation is something I practice already from my youth, that is something I can really relax and let my mind drift away, until the point you don't receive any thoughts inside your head while being in a trance. I just love this way of practice and still learning.

Well there are a lot more story's but If we ever meet in personal on other social media or with a video connection, I could tell you all.

Thanks for reading.





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